Important Points To Know About Seniors And Traveling By Air

Important Points To Know About Seniors And Traveling By Air

Seniors can be said to be a dynamic type of group of travelers. They have a wide range of requirements as well as needs when they travel. The airlines and airports do offer help to seniors during their air travel journeys. Read on to find out some tips when it comes to air travel for seniors.

  • Request A Wheelchair

Don’t hesitate in requesting a wheelchair or also cart when you are at the airport. Airports have these present for seniors so you should use these.  Some seniors do have myriad mobility problems which may make it tough for them to walk from the airport curb going to the airline gate. You can research the ways how to get wheelchairs as well as carts when arriving at your airport.

  • Unaccompanied Minor Option

You may be thinking that the unaccompanied minor programs that some airlines have are only for children who are traveling by themselves. Nevertheless, older passengers can usually travel in this program as well. Find out if the flight you wish to go in offers this program to seniors.

  • Airport Escort Pass

Sometimes a senior may require extra help so as to go to the gate of their flight. There are some airlines that let family members get escort passes that are like a boarding pass. These are for those that have mobility problems or disabilities present to their departure gates.  There are some airlines that give escort passes which let you meet incoming passengers when they are at their arrival gates. Check to see if this is provided by your airline.  Escort passes do not get issued for the incoming international flights. This is because of customs as well as immigration regulations.

  • Be Alert Of Checkpoint Theft

It is vital that you keep yourself safe from checkpoint theft. This point is important to all travelers of any age. Seniors have to be alert of their valuables at the time that they are going through the airport security checkpoint.  In fact, you need to be careful of your belongings throughout the flight. Keep these close to you at all times. If you need to sleep during the flight, keep them in a place where no one can touch them.  Seniors may feel that traveling by air is something that is very tough. They may avoid this. You should not cancel your plans to travel abroad because of this. Make sure you have planned carefully before traveling so that you can enjoy your trip.