Part C plans: Applying Online

In the health insurance Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), people who turn 65 years old are automatically enrolled in Medicare. In case someone is receiving Social Security benefits or Railroad Retirement funds then he or she will be automatically enrolled in Medicare. To know that whether you have been enrolled in the Medicare or not you can search for the “Welcome to Medicare” letter in your mailbox just three months before you turn 65 years old. In that letter, you can find information about Part B coverage and premium, health insurance Part D Prescription Drugs Plan, and the best Medicare Supplement Plans. Moreover, you will also find your Medicare card.

Disability and enrollment

People, who have any major disability and also receive the disability supplements from Social Security, are also automatically enrolled in Original Medicare once they receive their disability benefits for 24 months consecutively and may also enroll  in Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019. Just as the normal people the disabled ones also receive “Welcome to Medicare” letter along with instructions about three months prior to the 25th month of disability supplements.

In case someone does not receive the Social Security benefits or Railroad Retirement Board benefits, due to their own private health insurance, or they are still working and are getting insurance via their employer then those people will have to sign up for the Medicare. Generally, Medicare does not inform you if you are not getting your Social Security benefits, therefore; to avoid any kind of penalties during your Initial Enrollment Period, you will have to apply by yourself.

Applying Online

Healthcare insurance gives you opportunity to apply online as well along with manual registration, and you can be ready to receive your benefits within 10 minutes because it is a very simple and fast process. Furthermore, one does not need to send his or her any sort of private information to organization. So, if a person wants to make use of an online application portal then he or she should:

  • Have an age of at least 64 years and nine months.
  • Not receive any of Social Security retirement, disability, or survivor benefits.
  • Want to register in healthcare insurance and should not get any healthcare supplements, which also include Original health insurance Part A without premiums.

Therefore, if someone has an age of 65 years or he or she lives in an area where manual application process is not available due to some reason, then he or she can apply online.

One can easily and successfully apply for health insurance through Social Security Administration website.